The 3 common executive needs to strategizing your ServiceNow platform

Jimmy 3 points

We are thrilled to announce that Jimmy Fitzgerald, former Senior Vice President of Customer Outcomes at ServiceNow, has joined HappySignals as a board member, and Investor. He has advised hundreds of Enterprise customers on how to transform IT leveraging the ServiceNow platform.

“Global enterprises are looking for help with how they can continue to listen and sense end-user experiences, and how to take that feedback to make IT services better, on a continuous basis. IT services need to make the everyday life of an end-user more efficient, and more engaging. The only way to do this is to measure the end-user experiences and act based on that feedback”. - Jimmy Fitzgerald

ServiceNow is a strategic platform for its customers, who have similar needs for the ServiceNow platform they’ve invested in:

  • As little customization as possible
  • Creating great experiences for end-users
  • Delivering real ROI through business outcomes

HappySignals fits the bill in all three areas - easy to adopt, pure focus on end-user experience, and clear methods to prove productivity gains.