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It’s time for a new era of Experience Management. It’s time For IT and Service leaders to be able to measure end-user experiences across all areas of IT, effortlessly share real-time experience data with your stakeholders, and identify improvement areas – all on one platform.

After months of development and countless co-design sessions with our happy customers, we are launching HappySignals with a brand new look and capabilities on 11th November at 14:00 UK time.

The HappySignals platform now makes it even easier to put your end-users at the center of IT. Look out for cool new features, including a new Dashboard to see your whole IT at a glance, easier real-time reporting straight from the tool, and intuitive filters and sorting options to drill down into your data however you want. You can finally show the true business value of IT.

Don’t miss the chance to:

  • Get a first look at the new capabilities of our platform, now more experience-driven and intuitive than ever
  • Hear how we co-designed the new HappySignals with our customers, so as to introduce features that we know they need and will use
  • See practical examples of how IT and Service leaders can use HappySignals in their daily work, to tackle common IT challenges and achieve business outcomes
  • Learn about how we cooperate with Partners to help them serve their customers better

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