Experience Management for ITSM

HappySignals allows you to tackle employee happiness and productivity in service management and helps you to focus on what is really important. Move from SLAs to XLAs today.

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Understand experiences with internal service

Extend your current Service Management platform, like ServiceNow, Cherwell, Freshservice and others with HappySignals and make meaningful impact with your development efforts.


IT Incident resolutions


IT Request handling

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Enterprise Service Management

Other enterprise areas like:
HR, Finance and Facilities

Why spend your time in designing surveys?

This is the easy part, as HappySignals is an out-of-the-box no-design approach, that you can just rollout to your employees in a matter of minutes. Our team has used their expertise to create surveys for common Service Management processes:

Survey Delivery

HappySignals embeds feedback tools into service completion/resolution emails or different channels that may have been used to resolve issues, such as chat or self service portals. Happiness is given using a scale of 0 to 10, just like in a Net Promoter Score.

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Survey delivery resolution

Ready-made Surveys

HappySignals includes surveys made and tested with real employees. This means that you do not have to design or spend time learning how to be a survey creator.

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Ready-made surveys

Nothing worse than gathering feedback and not using it.

HappySignals allows you to share in real-time the experience data to all stakeholders; IT, Business, Partners and Vendors. This creates transparency and trust that allows you to move to the next step by setting up XLAs that everyone can follow in real-time:

Instant Feedback Loops

HappySignals Instant Feedback Loops allows service desk agents to receive instant feedback from employees. This will go straight to the agents ServiceNow screen. Typically, 75% of feedback is positive, motivating Service Desk agents and encourages continuous learning.

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Instant feedback loops

Live Screens

Built-in digital signage called Live Screens, makes target and performance data transparent to everyone. With the use of Live Screens you are constantly able to see the live results from service experience within your company. Info screens allow organisations to make employee experience trends, see the latest end-user comments and other key data visible within a work environment via physical displays.

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Live screens

You can make data-driven decisions and get rid of gut feelings.

When real-time data is available to everyone, you can start making data-driven decisions and eliminate gut feelings. This allows you to focus on developing areas that are making employees less productive by setting experience targets for the whole IT. This changes the culture to be end-user experience centric. To gain greater insight, you can compare against our Happiness Score™ Benchmarks to understand how you compare against other enterprises.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics allows managers to drill down into current problem areas, making it quick and easy to make informed decisions on what needs to be fixed, through a combination of experience and operational data.

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Real-time it experience analytics

Happiness Score™ Benchmark

The Happiness Score™ Benchmark shows a comparison between your organisations score with other HappySignals customers. This is shown in the tool with Channels, Countries, Profiles and Factors.

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Happiness Score™ Benchmark

IT Support Profiles

HappySignals behavioural IT profiles are based on dozens of one-to-one interviews and 20 group interviews with end-users in different roles and different organisations. All in all, more than 500 people were interviewed and two main factors impacting the user experience and behavior were recognized and documented by our psychologist. These help you understand the behaviour of your employees in IT support situations and develop the channels and services accordingly.

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Setup XLAs

Experience Level Agreements measure the outcome of the service you provide. HappySignals allows you easily to setup XLAs without touching the Agreement structure in your ITSM platform.

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Setup experience level agreement targets