HappySignals strengthens its position as the leader in IT Experience Management (ITXM™)

Putting experience at the centre of IT, HappySignals today announced a major release of its Experience Management Platform, along with launching the IT industry’s first ITXM™ Framework for organizations starting out on their experience management journey.


Helsinki November 11, 2021 – HappySignals, the leader in human-centric experience management for IT, today announced a major release of its Experience Management Platform. Offering improved visuals and a new UI, HappySignals makes it easier for IT organizations to better understand their performance in terms of what matters most – across all areas of IT – to key business stakeholders. Including the ability to measure the experiences end-users are having across all areas of IT in real time.

Better IT helps to deliver better business operations and outcomes, and with IT improvement driven by experience data, organizations can provide the IT services employees need to be more productive in their daily work. 

The HappySignals Experience Management Platform helps organizations to:

  • Create a common focus for IT
  • Move from service level agreements (SLAs) to experience level agreements (XLAs)
  • Fix the watermelon effect in IT
  • Get rid of manual surveys and reporting
  • Focus continual improvement in the right places 

Thanks to the actionable insights collected from real-time end-user feedback.


“I think it’s important to note that HappySignals is fundamentally different from what are technology-providing organizations, i.e. vendors of Digital Experience Management (DEM) solutions. HappySignals uses human feedback rather than technology-retrieved data – making it a true picture of the employee experience rather than what can be concluded from technology ‘transactions.’”, said Sami Kallio, CEO, HappySignals. 


The ITXM™ Framework

HappySignals also announced the launch of the IT industry’s first ITXM™ Framework that’s designed to help organizations of all sizes – whether they’re HappySignals customers or not – to successfully start their experience management journey. 

The framework provides a proven way for organizations to transform their corporate IT capabilities, whether internal or outsourced, from process or technology-centric to human-centric. Allowing them to focus on the experiences their end-users receive from IT services and to improve the factors that matter most.

The ITXM™ Framework’s continuous cycle covers four key areas:

  1. Measuring experiences
  2. Sharing the experience data
  3. Identifying improvements 
  4. Improving what matters most. 

The ITXM™ Framework provides a solid foundation for organizations to introduce XLAs and drive the cultural change necessary for experience management success. 


“Organizations, while realizing the need for experience management, can find it difficult to begin their ITXM™ journey. To help, the ITXM™ Framework has been created from our customers’ real-life success stories to provide all organizations with a practical starting point for their introduction of experience management.” says Kallio.


For more information on the ITXM™ Framework please visit our webpage.

For press materials, click here. 


About HappySignals

HappySignals is the leading SaaS company for IT Experience Management, empowering enterprises to change their culture to be more open, outcome-focused, and data-driven. The HappySignals Platform enables IT leaders to get a real-time understanding of the experiences they are delivering to end-users. Using HappySignals, customers can make informed decisions that increase employee happiness and productivity.

Established in 2014 and based in Helsinki, Finland, HappySignals discovers the experiences of over a million employees in 130 countries. Our customers have been able to make employees happier and increase productivity by 26% on average. For more information, visit www.happysignals.com.


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