Recognize Job Well Done

The more you recognize experience-centric behaviours, the more likely they are to be repeated. 


Objective of Recognizing Job Well Done

IT workers are people (except for bots) and people feel good when they are publicly recognized for having done a great job. By recognizing work well done on a regular basis, you increase the likelihood that other members of IT team naturally start thinking about how they can be more experience-driven in their daily work.

Impact of Recognizing Job Well Done

Recognizing good experience-centric work helps embed experience management across the IT organization. You will get more motivated IT workers with a greater sense of purpose, that seek to do an even better job in their next interaction with end-users.

About this ITXM Best Practice

Tuna Oczer / Ahlstrom-Munksjö
Pasi Nikkanen / HappySignals

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2nd February 2023

What is Recognizing Job Well Done about?

It is a small but impactful practice that over time contributes to a human-centric IT culture. Publicly showing feedback where end-users thank members of IT by name is motivating and a good counterbalance to looking at escalations and managing negative feedback.

This process has been made easy in HappySignals by collecting all the positive mentions into one place and enabling the sharing of them with a wider audience. This helps create a motivating and positive atmosphere for IT workers. 

Why would you create a practice to Recognize Job Well Done?

Usually, IT is very focused on problems and who did something wrong. That is of course important to keep improving, but what really creates motivation and purpose is when you share all the positive feedback each team member is receiving. It’s very rewarding to get your name mentioned by a colleague when you have helped them out or allowed them to save time on their daily work.

The best practice of recognizing well-done work is supported by effective strategies for behavioral changes. It moves some of the focus from avoiding SLA breaches to trying to instead provide a good experience for end-users.

When would you start practicing Recognize Job Well Done?

When you begin IT Experience Management and start collecting feedback from end-users, it's recommended to start doing this. It's a simple process that can provide quick and visible results for ITXM, particularly in a service desk context.
The best practice would be to combine this activity with the Weekly Operational Meeting, such that it becomes a natural part of weekly work.

How to run Job Well Done process?

On a weekly basis, review the free text feedback that mentions IT team members by name and highlight those in your Weekly Operational Meeting with the whole IT team.
Additionally, compile a monthly list of these highlights and share it with IT Leaders to give them visibility into the good efforts of IT workers.


HappySignals automatically find people's names from positive comments. This saves time and makes recognizing team members a joy.