What is the
Happiness Score™ ?

HappySignals uses three key metrics that we call the Happiness Score™

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Happiness, the leading metric

How do your end users feel?

Happiness relates to how your end-users feel about certain IT services. End-users are asked to rate their experience, this is done through a simple NPS rating system.
Happiness is something everyone can understand, it's good to use as the leading indicator.
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Productivity, outcome of happiness 

How much time are your end-users losing?

Productivity is the outcome when your IT teams are just focusing on end-user happiness. We quantify productivity by perceived productivity loss, which is much more difficult to influence than vanity metrics like process times or bootup times.

Our customers have been able to improve productivity by 26%. This has been calculated by comparing the first two months of using our product to the most recent two months. All by focusing on Happiness.

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Factors - Reasons for happiness

Why was that?

Find out the real reasons why your end-users are happy or are losing the most time. Factors save time from IT teams since you don't have to read each individual free text comment and make it easier for end-users to answer.

Also, one question with multiple factors is superior compared to multiple questions, want to learn why? Let's talk.

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