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Below you can find a 3-part Webinar Series on Employee Experience in ITSM, how to do it and how to tie it into Business Value. As well as this, you can find Webinars presenting our Happiness Score™ report - the Global Benchmark for IT Service Management.

3 Part Webinar Series:

Part 1:
Employee Experience in ITSM

Discover how you can improve employee satisfaction and, with it, productivity. We will show you easy and hands-on ways to measure employee happiness with internal services and use feedback data to identify areas for improvement.

Duration: 24 minutes

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Part 2:
HappySignals Product Demo

See how HappySignals Experience Management Platform for IT works, what are all the features and use cases in IT and Service Management.


Duration: 17 minutes

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Part 3:
How to use EX data to support your IT initiatives?

How do your end-users really feel about the service your IT organization provides? Are IT changes making them happier and more productive? Strategic IT changes should always be about making things better for your employees.  Learn, how to use experience data to measure success in important IT projects.

Duration: 32 minutes

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Other Webinars:

Happiness Score™
Q3 / 2020 Insights

Learn how employee experience in IT has changed during the COVID-19 period. We will share what we have learned from 936,955 latest feedbacks in more than 130 countries and the key findings from the 2020 Q3 release of Happiness Score™: You will hear:

  • How much happier employees are in remote work than they were in March 2020
  • How happiness has changed in different countries
  • Changes in channel behavior during COVID-19
  • Why experience data is now even more important than before

Duration: 48 mins

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Remote Work Experience Learnings from Campari Group, Reckitt Benckiser and Sophos

The Global IT Services leaders from Campari Group, Sophos, and Reckitt Benckiser will share their views about the challenges, experiences, and key learnings about the explosion of remote working in their organizations. You'll learn:

  • What practical challenges did our customers have and how did they solve them?
  • What will be the next big challenge around returning to offices??
  • How would “Remote First” development model look like?
Duration: 1h 15 mins

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Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Journey to Experience-led IT

Watch this webinar to learn how in the last 12 months, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, together with Tech Mahindra, achieved a 112% increase in happiness and a decrease of 69% in lost time of end-users with their 'Project Happy' - by continually measuring and improving the IT Experience. You'll learn: 

  • How they built 'Project Happy' - challenges and wins
  • How to add XLAs into the MSP contracts - with rewards, not just sanctions
  • Why experience data is so important for IT Management Teams

Duration: 27 mins

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