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Below you can find a 3-part Webinar Series on Employee Experience in ITSM, how to do it and how to tie it into Business Value. As well as this, you can find Webinars presenting our Happiness Score™ report - the Global Benchmark for IT Service Management.

3 Part Webinar Series:

Part 1:
The Practical Guide to Experience Management

Experience Management is a way of working, enabling you to measure, share and identify key areas of your employee experience that needs improving.

In this webinar, you can learn how vital Experience Management is to improve overall employee happiness, satisfaction and most importantly, productivity.

Duration: 18 minutes

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Part 2:
HappySignals Product Demo

See how HappySignals Experience Management Platform for IT works, what are all the features and use cases in IT and Service Management.


Duration: 17 minutes

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Part 3:
How to use EX data to support your IT initiatives?

How do your end-users really feel about the service your IT organization provides? Are IT changes making them happier and more productive? Strategic IT changes should always be about making things better for your employees.  Learn, how to use experience data to measure success in important IT projects.

Duration: 32 minutes

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Other Webinars:

Refinitiv's IT Service Transformation - From SLAs to XLAs

In this webinar, Pasi is joined by Refinitiv's Director of Service Improvement, Mark Bewick, and Head of Service Management, Neville Hughes, discussing how Refinitiv changed their approach to implement experience led IT operations.

Refinitiv embarked on the journey to investigate and redefine their IT service. The journey unearthed common pain points, the “3 main ingredients of employee happiness” and confirmation that traditional metrics need “help” to consider employee experience.

Watch this webinar to learn how keeping it simple (and hard work!) helps to:

  • Break down some of the IT Support/business walls
  • Understand how employees really feel and what can be done to make things better
  • Improve relationships with employees and service providers

Refinitiv have started a journey of employee happiness (with IT support), they are witnessing great results and have huge ambition to make things better still.

Duration: 44 mins

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Happiness Score™
Q4 / 2020 - How Experience Differs Between Internal and External Service Desks

In this special edition of Happiness Score™ Report, we have carried out an additional research report with our customers, to investigate how employee experience differs between Internal and External (Outsourced) Service Desks.

In conjunction with this report, Sami, Pasi and HappySignals Product Marketer, Sakari Kyrö, discuss the new findings from our traditional Happiness Score™ Report.

Key highlights from this quarters report:

  • What has been the most significant changes compared to the previous Report?
  • How much happier and more productive internal service desk end-users are, compared to outsourced service-desk end-user/customers.
  • Why internal service desks have more satisfied end-users?
  • Why are outsourced Service Providers faster than internal service desks at improving results?
  • What are the main ways of working that make end-users happier?

Duration: 49 mins

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Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Journey to Experience-led IT

Watch this webinar to learn how in the last 12 months, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, together with Tech Mahindra, achieved a 112% increase in happiness and a decrease of 69% in lost time of end-users with their 'Project Happy' - by continually measuring and improving the IT Experience.

In this webinar you'll learn: 

  • How they built 'Project Happy' - challenges and wins
  • How to add XLAs into the MSP contracts - with rewards, not just sanctions
  • Why experience data is so important for IT Management Teams

Duration: 27 mins

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