Survey Delivery

Right time with the right message is the key



Survey delivered when resolved

Sending separate surveys to employees can be ignored and a waste of time. 

That's why HappySignals makes sure to send surveys at the right time, directly when the employee is happy or sad.

HappySignals embeds feedback tools into service completion emails or different channels that may have been used to resolve issues, such as chat or self service portals.

By using a one click approach, employees are prompted to give instant feedback in order to close their service case.

Measuring service experience leads to:

  • Measurable employee experience data
  • Allowing employees to give direct feedback
  • Clear results on areas to improve
  • Data to increase employee happiness and productivity

Response rates range from 25% to 55% with HappySignals' way to gather feedback.


This feature is part of HappySignals Employee Experience.
Other features include: