Human-Centric IT - It's a journey, but easy to start

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Are your end-users regularly complaining about IT Services? Do they feel that their voice isn't heard or listened to? Do you ever hear "Thanks to IT I was able to..."?
If this sounds familiar, then it is because you are taking the wrong approach to ITSM.

Human-Centric IT is about putting your end-users at the heart of your IT Touchpoints and listening to how they are experiencing IT services. From your end-user feedback, then improving your ITSM to benefit the user, making them happier and productive.

In your weekly Happy in 15, Sami and Pasi discuss Human Centric IT and what it means to implement it in an organisation. In this episode the guys:
- Discuss what Human-Centric IT is
- What it means to implement such an approach
- Campari's CIO's journey to Human-Centric IT
- The cultural pyramid
- Reckitts approach to cultural 

Prefer to read? Pasi's new blog post provides a practical guide to a Human-Centric IT in 5 steps – Measure, Share, Identify and Improve, XLA, and Culture.

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