ITXM Summit 2024

How IT Experience Data and insights improve decision-making and business results? Watch the sessions on-demand and learn how to improve employee happiness and productivity.


Achieve Better Business Outcomes with IT Experience Management


Human-centric IT experience management (ITXM) has become a top priority for IT leaders. Understanding employee experiences with IT,  making data-driven decisions, and improving IT operations and outcomes in the right areas is more crucial than ever. But how do you start your ITXM journey, and, more importantly, how do you succeed with it?

Catch all the sessions of our exclusive virtual event on-demand! Get ready for a jam-packed experience filled with valuable insights and success stories on how to boost employee happiness and productivity. Take this opportunity to:

  • Gain invaluable knowledge from industry experts and leaders from human-centric IT organizations.
  • Learn how to enhance employee experiences and drive business success through experience management.

Don't miss out on these insights that will transform your approach to IT decision-making.

Watch the Replays

Decision-making with Human-Centric IT Experience 

Presented by Sami Kallio and Pasi Nikkanen, HappySignals

Do you know what really matters to your employees and business outcomes? Discover how experience data and insights improve decision-making and drive better business results.


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How Nestlé IT is Modernizing ITSM with Experience Management

Presented by Osvaldo Santos, Nestlé Group

Transforming your organization to become outcome-focused and changing behaviors and mindset is a journey you need to take step by step. Nestlé IT has a clear goal: To be recognized as a business partner in their organization. Hear from Osvaldo about the lessons learned so far and what outcomes they have achieved.


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Leading IT with Experience Management

Presented by Chris Fazey, Campari Group

Campari recognized the need for improved visibility into IT service performance and for informed decision-making during their transformational journey. This led them to seek change and prioritize actionable experience data essential for driving success. In Chris's presentation, you will hear how Campari Group IT started its ITXM journey to become human-centric, what outcomes they have achieved, and the next steps.



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Ensuring Successful XLA Contracts

Presented by Neil Keating, Bright Horse

Experience level agreements (XLAs) are becoming the new norm for measuring the success of IT. Therefore, there is now a need for XLAs in the contractual agreements between outsourcers/internal IT service organizations and their customers.  What are the four most common XLA contractual options?


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Sneak Preview of the Global IT Benchmark 2023 Key Findings

Presented by Sami Kallio and Sakari Kyrö, HappySignals
The HappySignals Global IT Experience Benchmark tells the story from an internal end-user perspective based on their experiences with IT. It identifies how people feel about IT across different IT touchpoints.  

Our 11th benchmark report presents a snapshot of enterprise IT experience. In this session we look at the data from the last 6 months of 2023, consisting of 949,201 anonymized end-user responses across different areas of IT Service Management.


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