Drive IT from end-user experience perspective

Enterprise IT Experience Management for CIOs and their IT departments. HappySignals enables you to understand where end-users struggle and helps you to show the value of IT to business stakeholders.

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Measure all aspects of company IT

Computers are binary. Experience is complex. So don't ask the computer, ask your end-users. Laptop's hardware may seem ok, but still the enterprise application user uses from the cloud is giving them frustration and losing their work time, maybe due to a different problem, such as VPN? You don't know, unless you ask.

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Laptop and Computers
Laptops and Computers

Device capabilities and
order/exchange process


Office Environment

Meeting Rooms, Internet, Wifi,
Printers and Ergonomics

Mobile Devices

Device Capabilities, Subscriptions and
order/exchange process


Remote Work

Network connections, VPN, Online meetings, Practices and Supports

Enterprise Applications

Ease of Use, Content/Data and
support for applications


Collaboration with IT

Information Sharing,
Business Support and Training

Why spend time in designing surveys?

HappySignals makes life easy through an out-of-the-box no design approach, that you can roll out to your employees in a matter of minutes. Our team has used their expertise to create surveys for common IT needs.

Survey Delivery

Choose how often and from who you would like to survey their experiences. Our logic will make sure nobody gets too many surveys, but that IT gets continuous experience data from all areas.

For Example: "Ask once a quarter about Remote Work from Office workers, but only once a year about mobile devices from individuals who have company devices."

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Ready-made Surveys

HappySignals includes surveys made and tested with real employees. This means that you do not have to design or spend time learning how to be a survey creator. Each IT area has it's unique Factors to understand the "Why" and also the question of how much time employees are losing monthly around this area.

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There is nothing worse than gathering feedback and not using it

HappySignals allows you to share in real-time the experience data to all stakeholders; IT, Business, Partners and Vendors. This creates transparency and trust that allows you to set up IT Experience Targets (or XLAs), thus changing the company culture to end-user experience-driven.

Instant Feedback Loops

HappySignals Instant Feedback Loops allows the IT department to see all the feedback in real-time, not so that it's hidden behind an "experience manager" and only reviewed with a small team every now and then.

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Live Screens

Built-in digital signage called Live Screens, makes target and performance data transparent to everyone. With the use of Live Screens you are constantly able to see the live results from IT Experience within your company. This allows organisations to make employee experience trends visible, see the latest end-user comments and other key data visible within a work environment via physical displays.

Tip: "Place a Live Screen next to the coffee machine at your IT department and nobody can say they don't know what the experience level currently is."

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Make data-driven decisions eliminating gut feelings and best guesses

When real-time data is available to everyone, you can start making data-driven decisions and eliminate gut feelings. This allows you to focus on developing IT areas that will make employees more productive by setting experience targets for the whole of IT. This changes the culture to be end-user experience centric.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics allows managers to drill down into current problem areas, making it quick and easy to make informed decisions on what needs to be fixed, through a combination or Experience and Operational Data.

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Happiness Score™ Benchmark

The Happiness Score™ Benchmark shows a comparison between your organisations score with other HappySignals customers. This is shown in the tool with Factors to understand the "Why?".

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Happiness Score™ Benchmark

Set Experience Targets

HappySignals allows you easily to setup Experience Level Targets, without touching the Agreement structure behind your IT platform. So you can still keep the current uptime and availability metrics, but make the jump to focus on end-user experience, just like companies do with consumer customers.

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