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Our customers have made on average 26% improvement in productivity


IT Experience

Drive IT with End-User Experience

Laptops and Computers, Mobile Devices, Enterprise Applications, Office Environment, Remote Work and Collaboration with IT
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Service Experience

Experience Management for ITSM
IT Incidents, Requests and other Enterprise Service Management areas like HR and Finance
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Drive IT and Service Management with Employee Experience

Happiness Score example in HappySignals Experience Management platform

1. Measure

Knowing what experiences your employees are having already today, is critical. Getting high volumes of Experience Data continuously and combining it with your Operational Data is the key. This gives you your Happiness Score™, which is not just a vanity metric, but allows you to have meaningful insights into experiences of different areas, like Service Management or Remote Working.

2. Share

The worst thing you can do is gather Experience Data and not share it. Start creating transparency and trust by sharing real-time experience data to all stakeholders; IT, Business, Partners and Vendors. With Happiness Score™ everyone can drill-down into the area of their interest, be it Internal Services, Applications or Devices. Everyone in your IT organization can benefit.

3. Identify

When real-time data is available to everyone, you can start making data-driven decisions and eliminate gut feelings. This allows you to focus on developing areas that will make employees more productive by setting experience targets for the whole IT. This changes the culture to be end-user experience centric. To gain greater insight you can compare against our Happiness Score™ Benchmarks.

4. Improve

Our Customers have been able to increase end-user productivity by 26% through Experience Management, learn from their stories.

Our management is actively following the analytics in HappySignals.

Hans Kristian Lange
Principal Analyst Corporate Service Management
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Please don’t ever go away, we would be in trouble.

Minna Nousiainen
SVP of Service Center
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You have perfected the art of high levels of user feedback.

Andy Checkley
Vice President, IT Operations
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What is Happiness Score™ ?

​​Happiness Score™ is a measurement for overall IT end-user happiness covering IT and Service Experience. It doesn't just give you one overall score, but it's broken down into IT areas and even Factors which tell you "Why?" something is happening.

The Happiness Score™ Benchmark data is collected through HappySignals Experience Management Platform and includes over 3 million end-user responses in over 130 countries. It's based on continuous measurement of all HappySignals customers. You can easily compare your IT and Services Experience performance against other companies globally.

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Happiness Score™ Metrics 

Happiness Score™ Metrics - Happiness icon


How do your end users feel?
Happiness relates to how your end-users feel about certain IT services. End-users are asked to rate their experience, this is done through a simple NPS rating system.


Happiness Score™ Metrics - Productivity icon


How much time are your end-users losing?
Our customers have been able to improve productivity by 26%. This has been calculated by comparing the first two months of using our product to the most recent two months. This average includes all customers that have been using our product for at least one year.


Happiness Score™ Metrics - Factors icon


Why? Reasons to Happiness
Find out the real reasons why your end-users are happy and which IT incidents and requests people are losing the most time with. This gives you valuable experience data on which areas of IT need to be improved.


What G2 Crowd says about HappySignals?

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HappySignals holds a place in the High Performers category with it's niche approach to IT Experience Management for Enterprise customers.