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Region Midtjylland

Region Midtjylland

Agent Happiness Correlates with Employee Happiness

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20 % increase

in employee happiness

Similar increase

in service desk agent job satisfaction

"HappySignals helps me show the appreciation and value of the work Service Desk agents are doing."

Jesper Hansen


It is not clear how the Service Desk agents see the value of measuring happiness in services.

Some may even be afraid, or at least concious, of whether they or their own work is somehow under a magnifying glass.


By making things transparent and open to everyone in the Service Desk organization - and even all employees - the appreciation could be shown more clearly.

This should be done by pointing out the positive facts, not pointing fingers at bad experiences or specific people.


Region Midtjylland started to openly share HappySignals data. Sharing happened directly in ServiceNow, in common sessions and by Live Screens at the offices.

As a result, the Service Desk agents' satisfaction started to grow, in the same way as employee happiness.


  • 33000 employees
  • Platform: ServiceNow
  • Usage started: June, 2018

Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region) is one of five regions in Denmark.  The regions' responsibilities are within the areas of health, psychiatry, social and regional development.