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Focusing on Employee Experience to Improve Services

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with customers

Building a culture

to focus on service experience

"With this tool and these discussions, we are on the same side of the table with the customer."

Minna Nousiainen


Enfo has a long history of measuring end-user satisfaction. They had used ServiceNow's own ticketing survey tools for several years (since 2012), but wanted to know better what was going on with their end-users.

On their journey to becoming a modern IT Service Provider, they also saw the need to create a more end-user centric culture, shifting away from the technology focus that they had in their way-of-working.


With the introduction of HappySignals in 2018 Enfo wanted to shift to a higher gear -- to really get instant feedback from the users of their services, not only to the upper management for overviews, but for all levels of teams and people who were involved in providing the services.

They understood that the change will not happen overnight, but it requires continuous work: looking at the comprehensive view, listening to the users' voice, learning from open feedback (positive and negative), setting targets on the right things, and maybe most importantly of all, being transparent and open about how things are.


The feedback Enfo gathered with HappySignals opened new ways of analyzing user satisfaction. They can now see what services were doing well and where there was the most room for improvement.

Sharing the service experience data transparently with customers made the user's voice heard in the same way "on both sides of the table." This led to better overall customer experience.

Also, the agents started to see instant feedback of the tickets that they had resolved and this led to improvements in quality and increased motivation. The positive feedback (on average 88 % of all feedback!) that had earlier been hidden, could now be seen by everyone.


  • 40000 employees
  • Platform: ServiceNow
  • Usage started: April, 2018

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company enabling their customers’ data-driven business transformation.