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Reporting Made Easy

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Data Availability



"It makes no sense to export anything from the system, when you can look at real-time data!"

Nina Remes


The habit of exporting data to Excel, then making modifications and compiling report data into documents dies hard. A customer may require it, a vendor may produce reports "as they have always been used to", or one just simply doesn't know a better way.

The fact is that time is wasted making reports this way.


What if the data was available all the time, for anyone to look at? And you could create a view at any given time or a date range to show how things are or were?

And even better, wouldn't it be great, if you could drill down into the data to see how a certain service is performing, or what exactly has caused a drop in employee happiness at a given time.


When it is a question of employee experience measurement and analyzing satisfaction on handling IT or other incidents and requests, HappySignals makes reporting easy and efficient for you. You have all the data available for review 24/7. Creating and sharing direct links to the online views couldn't be easier.

Starting to use the easy and modern way of reporting may require some changes in your current procedures and agreements, but it is definitely worth while.


  • 11000 employees
  • Platform: ServiceNow
  • Usage started: December, 2015

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