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Use Case for Employee Experience

What should be the outcome of your Automation initiatives?

Don't leave automation as a nice to have technology initiative, but make the outcome of automation in improving the productivity of the business workers in your organisation. Listen to Sami and Pasi on how to tackle this topic.


Examples on Automation based on our Happiness Score™ data

We already have good examples on how our customers have used experience data to find places where automation is bringing employee happiness and productivity. Let's us show you few examples:

Example 1: Travel Cost, make it easier for Finance people or Employees?

In this one company, for this year they had 5800 feedbacks on travel reimbursement. The happiness score was +28, so really low. And the lost time was 1 hour 30 minutes per ticket.

With 50€ per hour for an employee, that's 75€ every time they waste time on answering additional questions that could be read by a robot from the operational data and not waste employees time on typing information the organisation already knows.

Example 2: SAP forms

Another customer, they actually had the average wasted time 3 hours 24 minutes for this year. And one employee saying, "Wasted 2 hours 15 minutes, a lot of hassle due to missing numbers in SAP."

So basically, when looking at where this request originated, both were using Self-Service portals, but the portals are just like dumb front ends for filling a form. And then it still manually handled, usually in a different time zone. So, you get a lot of this time wasted in that way. But then it's manually handled, and they don't maybe read all the information. So, you could pretty easily now automate the approval and the handling process. The machine could already fetch all the missing information, it could quickly ask with a notification that, "Hey please just give this information." at the time of filling the information they already spend time on.


“75% of people who rate the services nine and ten are saying that the biggest reason for the happiness is speed of service.”

– Sami Kallio, CEO of HappySignals


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