How to Deliver Human-centric IT Services, with BioMérieux


Want to improve your internal IT services? How about creating a better culture across your whole organization?

In this webinar, bioMérieux – a company that has been successful with both – will highlight how knowing and understanding your internal customers, and building an experience management culture, can help you to transform your organization and boost your digital transformation journey.

In this webinar, you'll hear the following:
  • What are the stages in creating an Experience Management culture for IT
  • How to increase your response rates
  • How culture impacts outsourcing
  • Why sharing your experience data and insights make a huge difference
  • Why using different end-user profiles in your IT service desk communication needs to be considered.

We all know that IT needs to transform – and the truth is we can only do it by focusing on people and not just technology.

  • Pasi Nikkanen, CGO, HappySignals (Host)
  • Dominique Raphanel, Global IS, Support & User Experience Manager, bioMérieux

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