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IT Strategy

Use Case for Employee Experience

Reducing IT Support Costs is a Bad IT Strategy.

There’s the steady increase in workload – thanks to the growing corporate reliance and spend on technology – while the corporate IT strategy is often to reduce IT support costs year on year (or at least to limit budget growth).

What should you do about this, see this video where Sami and Pasi talk about taking IT from Cost Unit reputation into Value providing unit.


If you wish to read, Sami also wrote a full blog article called Reducing IT Support Costs is a Bad IT Strategy (and This is What You Need to Do About It) .

“Employee Experience can be a very powerful driver for your IT Strategy. If the purpose of the whole IT department would be on making employees more productive and happier.”

– Pasi Nikkanen, CPO of HappySignals

Employee experience can be a very powerful driver for your IT strategy

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