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George Washington University

George Washington University

Real-time Data for Actionable Decision Making

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Continuous Service Improvement

Over 50,000

IT tickets per year

"I can see real data coming back that is actionable"

Chris Megill


George Washington University's (GW) IT department was struggling to gain enough actionable data to find out how their customers, consisting of students and faculty staff, were experiencing their services and the impact turn-around times of requests were having on customer's productivity.
Previous to HappySignals, GW was carrying out very basic surveys to their customers and experiencing a shallow response rate, around ten a day, yet receiving over 50,000 IT tickets each year.
GW is different from many large enterprises in that they are a not-for-profit organization and an educational institution. HappySignals approach to continuous service experience became a winning solution for GW, as well as the idea of Happiness and Productivity aligning with their service priorities, thus being:
  1. Safety of their community
  2. Care - How to exceed customer's expectations and show that they care about their customer's experience
  3. Efficiency - how they can continually improve the delivery of services


GW utilized HappySignal's IT Support Profiles to help them determine what kind of customers they have and improve how GW's IT engage with different users. 
GW can now make a correlation between the type of customers and specific channels used.
In GW's previous basic surveys, there was no motivation for their customers to respond. However, with HappySignals method of data gathering, they have received an increase in response rates due to a direct and simple question asked on problem resolution, with very intuitive questions following.
Not only this but GW has fully utilized HappySignals analytics across their team with all 237 people in their IT department having full access to the experience data. They use the data to see the impact of their work and how to improve IT services continually. 


HappySignals implementation with GW's ITSM platform, BMC Remedy, was quick and simple and has led to a 30-50% increase in response rates.
HappySignals enables GW to gain valuable insights from their customers and community, with actionable data on how they are perceiving and experiencing IT services.
The experience data is highly impactful on improving IT services, as well as enabling the IT department to explain specific peaks and being able to predict higher or lower volumes of IT tickets - for example, vacation periods or new semesters starting.
Furthermore, the Happiness Score™ benchmark is exceptionally insightful for GW to position themselves against other organizations and if they need to take necessary action.
Most importantly, GW's IT can show their CIO and management team how the organization is meeting its goals as well as justifying staffing levels and costs.


  • 10000 employees
  • Platform: BMC Remedy
  • Usage started: September, 2019

George Washington University is a private institution that was founded in 1821. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 12,484, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 43 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.